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Essay #1

Draft #2

             In my life the most influential person was my father.  From him I learned a lot of things which were helpful in my future life.  He was a person to whom I listened and trusted.  He made me the person who I am now.  The most skills I have learned about the life and people were learned from him.  I always felt his strong shoulder which supported me while I was growing up and acquiring my own life experience.  My father helped me to overcome many challenges and taught me how to learn from the mistakes.                                                                                  He said that the parents should be a good example for their children and they shouldn’t teach their young generation only by giving advice but being vitally active in children’s life.  He was an example of influence that I wish everyone could have.  He wasn’t educated because his childhood was after the Second World War and he needed to make his living to survive.  His mind was busy only with thoughts about how to get the piece of bread.  That’s why he always wanted me to be a well educated girl and he encouraged me to go to college.

               From the beginning it seemed to me kind of unreal to go to study in foreign country and especially with a language absolutely new to me.  I thought that was a ridiculous idea, but he made me think about that and I began to realize that education plays a great role in our life.  My father was stubborn and kept convincing me until I promised him that I would become a student.  Then I applied to college and now I couldn’t imagine my life without my subjects.                                            

            Also my father told me that life has more meaning when you set up some goals for yourself and work hard to reach them.  Then he said that I should draw a picture in my mind about the future life and step by step follow to make that drawing appear in real life.  His educational strategy was based on labor; that’s why I began work at age ten.  It was on summer holidays.  I worked in the orchard which belonged to our city. My sister and I weeded the seedlings and when the fruits were ripe we gathered the harvest.  That was my first money; but that work wasn’t about the money; we were a wealthy family.  My father’s task was to show us how hard it was to earn money.  At that time I didn’t understand why my friends just were enjoining the summer time, and I was working.  I thought that my father loved me less than my friends’ parents, because in my child’s mind love meant pity.  It seemed to me kind of unmerciful to make me work instead of having fun.  I suffered the hot weather and awakened early.  It was later on when insight came to my mind and I began to understand.  In high school we were sent to help farmers and I gathered my measure of harvest faster than anyone else and earned a tour to the Russian capital, Moscow.  At that time I realized that was the result of my father’s education.                     

My friends said that you were just lucky when I worked as a housekeeper and the family which I was working for increased my salary, but I know it wasn’t luck.  It was my doing the job well and my attitude to work which my father instilled in me since my childhood.  He always said that anything you work on, accomplish that as for yourself and you will be successful.  Also he was responsible for his family and we felt protected from any case.  That is why now I am responsible for my younger brother and my sister.  We are helping each other and having good relationship.                                                                                                For rest of my life I will be very much grateful to my father for what he did for me.  Nobody else played such a big role in my entire life as my father did.  Unfortunately he is not with us now, but I still remember everything that he taught me.  His education was very helpful in my life and I wouldn’t gain my life experience without my father’s lessons.                                                      


Essay #2  Draft #3                                                                                                                        Anna Dyakova                                                                                                                                                          

                                                 Schizophrenia .                                           


In our days about one percent of all population in the world experiences  schizophrenia. This disease still not known well, but doctors can notice a great progress in modern medicine research in ways to cure and manage this disease.           Schizophrenia is a mental disorder.  This disorder has a few propose causes and they are environmental, genetic, chemical and physical abnormality in the brain.  The symptoms of schizophrenia are hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking and disconnection from social environment.  Also there exist four types of schizophrenia.  Schizophrenia can be treated with drug therapy. The scientists found that the schizophrenia can be inherited.  A person who has this mental disorder in family also has more chances to develop the disease than the person who doesn’t have any family members with schizophrenia.  Also the identical twin of a person with schizophrenia has a high possibility to develop disorder and it’s approximately fifty percent of the time.  A person that has a fraternal twin with schizophrenia has less possibility to develop disease, just about ten percent. Also the other factor that can lead to schizophrenia is a chemical abnormality in the brain.  Scientists were able to find imbalance of chemical systems in schizophrenic’s brain.  A hormone-like substance, dopamine, is an important neurotransmitter in people’s brain.  In the non-schizophrenic brain the amount of dopamine is balanced and this neurotransmitter is responsible for critical brain functions.  In schizophrenic’s brain the quantity of dopamine is imbalanced and it’s caused to develop that kind of disorder as schizophrenia.  The other factor that can lead to schizophrenia is a physical abnormality in the brain.  It can be abnormality of structure in the brain and of function in the brain, that includes small changes in division of brain cells in people with schizophrenia.  

One more existing cause of schizophrenia is environmental cause.  The people with schizophrenia have difficulty with surrounding, because their own reality is different to reality others.  The schizophrenic cannot see the dissimilarity of what is real from what is imagined.  Their behavior it is very strange and unpredictable.  For schizophrenic with changes in personality and behavior is very hard to keep a job and accomplishing education.  So they not able to keep a wealthy living and those additional stresses affect negatively on schizophrenic’s social life and also intensify the illness.  

 The common symptoms of schizophrenia are hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking.  Hallucinations mean that the schizophrenic can smell, hear, and see the things which are just in their imagination but not in real life.  Also schizophrenic can feel sensation on their skin even there is nothing touching them.  For example the schizophrenic can feel that insects crawl on to their body but the people around wouldn’t recognized that fact.  For instance sometimes the schizophrenic can hear the voice of someone from the space commanding them to set fire to somebody’s house and they strongly believe that this voice is real.   Also schizophrenic suffer of delusion that are false beliefs and not exist in real life.  Some of schizophrenic can imagine that he/her one of the historical characters as  for example King Arthur and nobody can persuade them in that, because for mentally disordered that fact is real. The other symptom is disorganized thinking, when the schizophrenic’s thoughts spread out and he can’t put them in order.  The person begins to talk with no sense of logic and it very hard for people to understand them.  Also the schizophrenic’s thoughts are jumping from one to the next.  Although they unable to make a clear decision and often forgetting what they were thinking of. The one of the most common type of delusion that the schizophrenic’s withdrawal from friends and family, losing interest in life.

 There are four types of schizophrenia existing: simple, paranoid, hebephrenic and catatonic. With simple schizophrenia the person suffers disordered thinking, hallucinations and delusions. With paranoid schizophrenia the schizophrenic suffers delusions of persecution and doesn’t trust anyone. With hebephrenic schizophrenia emotions, speech and the behavior are disorganized. On catatonic schizophrenia there are symptoms of rigidity  when people can stay in same position for hours.

 The most effective treatment for this mental disorder is the drug therapy with antipsychotic medications.  The medications help to balance the neurotransmitters in schizophrenic’s brain.  Also behavioral management therapy helps to support medications and these two factors can successfully cure the disorder.  

Schizophrenia makes people unable to manage their emotions and to communicate with others.  Also the schizophrenic has a problem thinking distinctively and clearly.  The disorder affects the schizophrenic’s social life because they live in their own world and have their own reality, usually not understandable to other people.  The most important fact is that modern medicine can treat the schizophrenia and also make’s a big step forward in new research.                                                                                        


Anna Dyakova


Draft #3


                    Dear  Dr. Singer                                                                                                            I have read your article about global warming where you mentioned that is not a threat to our planet.  I disagree with you because I think the global warming is a danger for people and all living substances.  The global warming may cause melting the earth’s ice and as a result floods can destroy cities, kill living-beings inhabiting the areas.  Also the global warming can cause rapid changes in the earth’s climate and humans wouldn’t be able to adopt to that.             According to Tom M. L. Wigley, a senior scientist at The National Center for Atmospheric research, people have a great influence on global warming and also accelerate this process.  The people’s activities affect any changes that happen on the earth’s surface and in the atmosphere.   Especially for last two centuries the industrial revolution made a big step forward in new technology.  For example humans developed new types of weapons, they are nuclear and hydrogen bombs.  People knew in advance the development of such a weapon is very dangerous for our planet, but they keep producing it for their own purpose.  One wrong step and it can lead to very serious problems for the whole world.  Even if people didn’t use these weapons against each other they also wouldn’t be able to just destroy them.  Those kinds of weapons need to be buried in the ground and it would take long time to clean it.                                                                               Also humans produce a lot of disposable products and huge amount of those cannot be recycle.  It means the garbage would be stored in the earth.  The factories that produce disposable products and weapons work on fuel.  The factory throws out the production of the burning fuel, carbon dioxide, to the atmosphere.  The increasing amount of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can cause the greenhouse effect.  The greenhouse effect is a process when atmosphere helps to regulate the warming of the earth’s surface.  The carbon dioxide plays role in destroying the ozone layer.  I think people should protect the ozone layer very carefully because it protects us from the dangerous ultra-violet radiation.  In my opinion people are not realizing in full how close we are to the great changes on the earth and how people affect this happening.                                         Also the global warming can lead to climate change. If the temperature on the earth’s surface would increase rapidly then this process would speed up the ice melting in Arctic.  As a result the consequences could be unpredictable.  For example the water could cover two thirds of the earth’s surface and some part of population must adopt the living among the water.  It probably would be a hot subtropical climate.  The people would be able to eat only seafood and see plants.  The meat would be very expensive and would be hard to find.  Agriculture wouldn’t be able to produce enough grains, dairy, meat and oil. There would be lack of territory because most of the land would be covered by water; some territory would be a desert and some mountains.   Also people would build the houses on the boats and ships.  Even the industrial factories would be placed on the ships and people would be taking the boats to get to work instead of the cars.   Also people would be able to visit the land, but it wouldn’t be often.  I think from that lesson humans would learn how important it is to respect and keep clean our treasure- our planet.                                                                                                  The global warming that has been accelerated by people’s activities is a threat to our planet.  We should immediately take steps to decrease producing carbon dioxide and protect ozone layer.  The humans can accept any changes but we need time.        



                                                                 Anna Dyakova


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